🔉 Futurent vs The Coinpublic Ventures Project AMA Announcement

🚀What is Future?
Futurent is NFT’s blockchain-based trading & rental platform for Luxury Real Estate & Cars, entering the Metaverse space as pioneers in the field. Our DeFi protocols will enable Segmented NFT Ownership of real-world assets in the simplest possible way — providing secure liquidity and instant revenue sharing.

🎙 Host:
Mr. Anna — Mr. Teddy Phan

👥 Guest:
Mr.Alen Dolsak (CEO)

⏰ Time: 08:00PM (UTC+7) | February 14, 2022
📍Location: Chat
🔥Format: Text chat in Telegram

Part 1: Update project status
Part 2: Q&A with Coinpublic host
Part 3: Q&A with the community

💰Reward: Airdrop 200$ for 5 winners

#Coinpublic, #Futurent, #AMA

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