Mecha Morphing vs The Coinpublic Ventures Project AMA Announcement
🔥 What is Mecha Morphing?
Mecha Morphing is a completely decentralized ARPR game powered by players in its metaverse. This play-to-earn game leverages blockchain technology in the form of digital currency and NFTs.

👥 Guest:
Mr. Enrique Gara - Brand Manager Mecha Morphing

- Ms. Anna
- Ms. Teddy Phan

⏰ Time: 21:00VN 01/01/2022
Location: Here
AMA Type : Text chat in Telegram

Part 1: Update project status
Part 2: Q&A with Coinpublic host
Part 3: Q&A with the community

💥 Question community members ask: Here

💥Project details: Here

🎁Reward: Airdrop 100$

#Coinpublic #MorchaMorphing #AMA
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